These pieces form part of a long term project exploring fine detail line art and cultural symbolism in elements of the natural world. Koi fish have a long history in Chinese and Japanese cultures. Over time they developed symbolic meanings attached to their characters, the directions in which they swim[…]

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Illustration inspired by the The Fool’s Journey seen in tarot. Symbolising new beginnings, leaping into the unknown and following the heart. The Fool descends from the spiritual world and embarks on the adventure of life, unafraid and unconcerned with challenges that may be faced, going through the ups and downs[…]

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A collection of 8 black and white mandalas, available as metal prints on Displate. Sometimes you just have to follow life’s natural flow. I’ve always loved drawing, but life took me on very different paths. After years of not picking up my sketchbook, I suddenly felt an undeniable urge to[…]

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