A collection of 8 black and white mandalas, available as metal prints on Displate.

Sometimes you just have to follow life’s natural flow. I’ve always loved drawing, but life took me on very different paths. After years of not picking up my sketchbook, I suddenly felt an undeniable urge to create with my hands again.

I was tentative at first, worried that I may have forgotten or somehow lost the skills I had. Nature came to my rescue. Ultimately, the only thing I had forgotten was that creating art fuels my happiness. Hours of meditation in the garden, and adopting a mindful gratitude mindset resulted in fingers itching to draw.

I started with simple botanical doodles in honour of all the beauty around me. Those first simple drawings felt like a  gulp of air after releasing a breath I didn’t even realise I was holding for three years. As I continued to explore hand drawn illustrations, finding inspiration became easier. In fact, I encountered a new problem of not knowing what to work on next. There were too many choices, and I desperately wanted to share everything.

I was stuck again, but for a short time. The first mandala I drew was an exercise in meditative drawing. My goal was to create an association of zen with the act of drawing, release some frustration, and unclutter my mind. It worked, and it helped me figure out what I would work on next.

When I created these mandalas I focused on channeling my love for nature and my desire for inner peace through my hands and onto the page. The idea is that this energy is maintained through my computer and the printing process and reaches the viewer that buys one of my prints on Displate. When they mount the art on their wall, perhaps it will release that love and peace into their space. Healing mandalas.

The first four pieces were inspired by aspects of nature that have been part of my spiritual journey and awareness. Aligning myself with the ebbs and flows of the world around me have allowed me to deepen my relationship with both myself and my environment. Each new day and each new piece is akin to taking another step towards harmony with the Earth, and inner peace. This journey and relationship is a continuous evolution.

I then created smaller pieces inspired by the four elements and digitally manipulated them to create a visual that mimics a fractal aesthetic.