Another in the hummingbird series, ‘Shining-green’ or Lepidopyga goudoti of Columbia and Venezuela, explores the use of watercolours only and places far more emphasis on both the details of the plumage, the posture and overall character and composition of the subject.

Multiple application and layering techniques were used to achieve varying textures and capture subtle light inflections particularly in the tail feathers, primaries, breast, crown, throat and auriculars. The warm wash background with sheer smudges of pink and blue pushes forward the saturated greens, yellows and blues and accentuates the darker tones and shades. I particularly enjoy how this plays with the general countenance of the bird, with its head just so tilted and observant. The overall effect shows off L. goudoti’s posture of curiosity with precision and vibrancy.

This was altogether an incredibly fun and successful continuation into my journey of capturing the beauty of these creatures and, hopefully, sharing it with others so they may deepen their appreciation and respect for the wondrous beings that we get to share this planet with.